Amino Acid Science

Medical Food Technology

TRGM medical foods address the increased nutrient demands of a disease by maintaining the cellular balance of amino acids, nutrients and neurotransmitters. These medical foods provide the body with specific combinations of amino acids and nutrients that are commonly depleted during illness and which cannot be safely replaced by alterations in diet alone. 

TRGM medical foods provide the precursor molecules to the neurotransmitters which are the chemical messengers responsible for cell to cell communication. Some examples of classic neurotransmitters are acetylcholine and glutamate. Neurotransmitters are required to operate vital functions such as heart and muscle function, respiration, and control appetite, sleep function, and cognition.

Medical Foods work through a different pathway from other prescription pharmaceuticals and do not interfere with these medications. The nutritional management of disease states allows physicians additional flexibility in the use of pharmaceutical agents. Randomized double blind clinical trials support the use of TRGM medical foods as standalone products or as an adjunct to low dose pharmaceutical agents.