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Pain Syndromes

Millions suffer from acute or chronic pain every year and the effects of pain exact a tremendous toll on our country in health care costs, rehabilitation and lost worker productivity, as well as the emotional and financial burden it places on patients and their families. The costs of unrelieved pain can result in longer hospital stays, increased rates of re-hospitalization, increased outpatient visits, and decreased ability to function fully leading to lost income and insurance coverage.

Physicians have many choices for the treatment of pain, but neither NSAIDs nor narcotics are suitable alternatives for patients that need long term therapy or belong to a high risk group. Finding a treatment for pain that is both effective and safe for long term use is an imperative for the millions of affected patients as well as the healthcare community which seeks to contain the economic and emotional costs of this prolific epidemic.

Incorporating medical foods such as Theramine into a clinical pain management protocol, allows physicians the flexibility to use less of a narcotic or NSAID pain reliever and potentially eliminate their use all together. Reducing the burden of adverse side effects of these drugs while improving clinical outcomes is critical for overall patient care and a return to normal activities of daily living.

In two clinical studies comparing the medical food Theramine and a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, Theramine was shown to be more effective than low dose NSAIDs in treating low back pain.  Clinical data indicate significant reduction in back pain with the administration of Theramine alone and as an adjunct therapy to a low dose NSAID, while administration of a low dose NSAID had no appreciable affect on pain. The use of Theramine as either a standalone or adjunct therapy can significantly improve pain perception and reduce inflammation.

Theramine is encapsulated with a patented technology that promotes the rapid cellular uptake and conversion of milligram amounts of amino acids and nutrients into the specific neurotransmitters responsible for modulating nociception and inflammation.  This patented technology allows Theramine to be effective without attenuating over time. Two multicenter double blind trials have established the safety and efficacy of Theramine in the treatment of chronic back pain. Click here for updates regarding the safe and effective management of back pain .