Investor Relations

Shareholder FAQs

The Company’s common stock is quoted on the OTC Pink tier of the over-the-counter securities market under the symbol "TRGM". Shares may be purchased by placing an order with your securities broker.

  1. If you do not own ten percent or more (an amount that constitutes a controlling interest) of our common stock and are not a director or executive officer, deliver your stock certificate(s) to your securities broker. Include an instruction letter providing the two contacts listed below.

    Pre-approved counsel for restriction removal opinion letters:
    Transfer Agent:
  2. Your broker may ask you to provide information and documents as to how you came to own the shares, may require you to complete a form which explains how and when you purchased the shares and will ask you to complete a “stockholder’s representation letter”. Your broker will then email a copy of your letter and the face of your certificate to Mr. Morris to obtain a legal opinion letter for the removal of restrictions. Mr. Morris will provide his opinion letter to Transfer Online and your broker. Your broker will send your original stock certificate(s) to Transfer Online who will remove the restrictive legend and return a new certificate without legend to the broker. At this point, you can instruct your broker as to how many shares you want to sell.
  3. You will be asked to pay Mr. Morris’ legal fee of $200 per letter, by credit card online at If credit card payment is not possible, contact Mr. Morris for alternatives. One letter may cover more than one certificate issued in your name, or your name and your spouse’s name. Transfer Online also requires payment of a fee which your broker will either charge against the cash balance in your account, if any, or ask you to deposit.
  4. If you have already obtained a legal opinion from counsel other than Mr. Morris, submit that opinion letter to your broker with instructions to send it to Mr. Morris for review and approval. Mr. Morris’ review fee is $50, and may be paid as described in 3 above.

You will deal directly with Transfer Online, Inc. Please contact each of them for instructions, forms and fees. If you obtain a new certificate without legend and delay in depositing that certificate with a brokerage firm, you may be required by the broker to obtain and pay for another opinion.

Under securities laws, shares issued directly from an issuer or acquired from affiliates of an issuer are restricted unless they are registered or are exempt from such registration.

Rule 144 provides an exemption from the registration requirements, allowing shareholders to sell restricted shares if certain provisions of the rule are satisfied (for example, the shares have been held over a certain period of time and the shareholder is not an affiliate of the company). Your broker will help determine if the shares you hold are restricted and will help you obtain a legal opinion regarding whether removal of the restrictions is permissible (see “How do I sell my restricted shares?” above)

Should you require the text of Rule 144, it is available here: